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Research and development in emerging psychedelic and cannabinoid medicine, creating the bridge to alternative treatments

Our Clinical Research

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Depression & Anxiety

Psychedelic Treatment Research

Phase 2 clinical trials for the use of psychedelics to combat the rising tide of mental health disorders: Psilocybin

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Phase 1 clinical trials to discover a new kind of healing of neuropathic pain related to HIV

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Relapse Schizophrenia


Phase 2 clinical trial in the prevention and treatment of schizophrenia relapse using high dose CBD

Medical Innovation

Who we are

Our mission is to develop safe and effective alternative medicine utilizing psychedelics & cannabinoid compounds produced by mother nature. We embark on a journey to provide relief to patients with debilitating central nervous system disorders using innovation and knowledge to pioneer new medicine development

Phased studies to ensure psychedelic and cannabinoid molecules are safe and effective for use in central nervous system disorders.

Working with regulatory academic & government bodies providing knowledge and education of emerging botanical medicine. Ensuring all medicine development procedures meet regulatory body protocols (FDA, EMA, MRA-FDA & SAHPRA).

Pioneering botanical medicine development, ultimately in-market use of derived psychedelic and cannabinoid treatment of depression, anxiety and pain

Developing proprietary formulations, combinations and trial data to support in- market use for patients across the world

Research & Development

With safety and efficacy at the forefront, we are committed to innovation in the botanical medicine sphere. We work with leading researchers, continuously conceptualising and developing novel solutions to improve lives.

Investor Information

Keeping you abreast of our developments and breakthroughs in the field of alternative medicine. Medicine for the new generation. 

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Disrupting pharmaceuticals

Meet the team

We recognise the value that out team contributes to the success of our business, understanding that the passion and capabilities of our people is what drives our innovation. Our team includes engineers, scientists, pharmacists, food technologists and experts in microbiology, botany and product development.
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